People & Planet

People & Planet

  • Prioritize: We prioritize people & the planet in our decision making

  • Purpose: Our purpose / mission statement includes social and environmental goals

  • Communicate: We communicate about how we benefit people & the planet to customers, workers, suppliers, and the general public

  • Measure: We measure what matters. We monitor our benefit to people & the planet and share the results at least once a year

  • Certify; We verify benefit to people and the planet through external verification or third-party certification



  • We are registered as an organization

  • Shareholders: We are a family business with a purpose-driven structure


  • Self Sustaining: We have a strategy for financial sustainability

  • Services: We use a percent of profits to provide services to workers, suppliers or communities

  • Cause: We donate a percent of profits to a social or environmental cause on a regular basis




Product Impact

  • Environmental Benefit: We are working hard to ensure all the products and services we carry out are developed to directly benefit the environment.

    • Substitute for plastic or fossil fuel based products

    • Waste reduction

    • Awareness, education, and action

  • Product Impact: That the products are developed to minimize environmental impact

    • Made from recycled pre-consumer waste

    • Made from 100% plant-based, renewable materials

    • Materials harvested or collected from a sustainably managed source

    • Compostable. Product decomposes with no toxic residue

  • Packaging: We prioritise the listing of products where the brand owner seeks to ensure they minimize environmental impact in

    • Recyclable in at least 80% of communities with recycling facilities

    • No polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, pthalates or bisphenols

    • Chlorine-free unbleached paper

    • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper

    • Plant-based ink

    • Made from recycled material


  • Supplies: We use environmentally responsible supplies in our facilities

    • Natural biodegradable cleaning supplies

    • Office paper and office supplies made from recycled materials

    • Unbleached and chlorine-free paper products

    • Washable and reusable cups, dishes and cutlery

    • Sustainably sourced promotional materials. No signs made from polystyrene or polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

    • No plastic drinking straws

  • Waste Sorting: We have a solid waste management plan and separate our solid waste at all facilities

    • Paper and cardboard recycled or composted

    • Plastic waste recycled

    • Glass waste recycled

    • Metal waste recycled

    • Batteries, paint, light bulb, and other hazardous waste sent to specialized waste management service

  • Waste Monitoring: We monitor and record solid waste disposal and have reduction targets

  • Energy Reduction: We have taken steps to reduce our energy use

    • Signs for workers and visitors

    • Worker training and incentives

    • Use of natural lighting during daylight hours

  • Energy Monitoring: We monitor and record our energy use and have reduction targets

  • Transport Energy:

We have taken steps to reduce our use of fossil fuels for transport

    • Virtual meeting technology used to reduce travel requirements

    • Logistics software used to increase transport efficiency and minimize fuel usage

    • Low-impact transport options (e.g. public transport, sea shipments) used for transport, supply chain and distribution

    • Hybrid and electric vehicles used for transport, supply chain and distribution




  • Affordable: We focus on providing products and services that are accessible to low-income groups

  • Purpose Oriented Customers: We focus on serving or supplying organizations that prioritize people and the planet


  • Responsive: We have systems in place to rapidly respond to customer questions and feedback

  • Customer Relationships: We have services that extend customer relationships beyond a single transaction

    • Maintenance, repairs and upgrades

    • Loyalty programs for regular customers

    • Subscription or membership service

  • Customer Accessibility: We have taken special steps to make our products and services accessible to customers with disabilities

Health & Choice

  • Healthy Lifestyle: We focus on promoting and supporting healthy lifestyles

  • Organic: We use organic certified ingredients or materials

  • GM: We can ensure our products do not contain genetically modified ingredients or materials

  • Nano: We can ensure our products do not contain synthetic nanoparticles

  • Toxicants: We can ensure no toxicants are used in our products, packaging, or production process

    • Paraben free


  • Transparent Pricing: Our pricing is public and transparent with no hidden costs

  • Cost-Based Pricing: We adjust our prices based on costs. We pass on savings to customers




  • Women: We provide equal opportunities for women and actively remove barriers to participation

  • Mothers: We have taken special steps to accommodate and support pregnant and nursing mothers

  • Accessibility: We have taken special steps to ensure accessibility for workers or members with disabilities

  • Discrimination & Harassment: We have policies and procedures to prevent, report & respond to discrimination and harassment


  • Pay: We have paid workers

  • Equal Pay: We provide equal pay for equal work. We set wages based on performance, not gender or other social categories

  • Living Wage: We pay wages that enable all workers to live comfortably within the community

  • Pay Ratio: We have a pay ratio of less than 5 to 1. Our highest paid worker earns no more than 5 times our lowest paid worker

  • Benefits: We provide benefits to workers beyond what is required under labour laws

    • Health insurance

    • Pension or retirement plans

    • At least 12 weeks paid maternity leave

    • At least 2 weeks paid paternity leave

    • At least 1 month notice or severance pay

  • Training: We offer training and personal development opportunities to workers or members

    • Job-related technical training

    • Soft skill or life skill training

    • Social or environmental awareness programs

Health & Safety

  • Working Conditions: We provide safe and healthy working conditions for all workers

    • Water: Clean drinking water

    • Sanitation: On-site toilets and washing facilities

    • Ergonomics: Tools and work stations that prevent pain and injury

    • Lighting: Adequate lighting with as much natural lighting as possible

    • Air: Fresh air and adequate ventilation

  • Safety: We have taken steps to prevent accidents and ensure worker health and safety

    • Data: We maintain data on accidents and work-related health issues and share it with all workers

    • Procedure Training: We train workers that use equipment or machinery and workers that are in contact with hazardous materials on proper health and safety procedures

    • Signs: We post signs in workers’ primary language near equipment and hazardous materials that explain proper procedures and potential hazards

    • Protective Gear: We ensure that workers who use equipment or machinery or are in contact with hazardous materials wear appropriate protective gear

    • Inspections: We conduct inspections at least once a year to ensure workers are using correct protective gear and operating procedures for health and safety

    • Maintenance: We check and maintain equipment and machinery at least once a year to ensure worker health and safety

    • Emergency Plan: We have identified all potential hazards and prepared emergency response plans

    • Emergency Drills: We have drills to test emergency response plans at least once a year

    • Accident Insurance: We have accident insurance to cover accidental events and emergencies

    • First Aid Training: We train workers in basic first aid

    • Fire Safety Training: We train workers in fire safety and basic fire fighting equipment

    • Safety Equipment: We ensure first aid and safety equipment are easily accessible and regularly maintained


  • Ideas: Our systems enable workers or members to share ideas, feedback, and suggestions

  • Influence: Our systems enable workers or members to influence organizational decision making

    • Special events

    • Procedures and policies

    • Resource allocation

  • Information: We share information with workers or members at all levels

    • Social and environmental impact reports



Sustainable Sourcing

  • Sustainability Criteria: We have social and environmental criteria for suppliers and service providers

    • Living Wage: We ensure suppliers and service providers pay at a rate that provides a living wage and sustainable livelihood

    • Working Conditions: We ensure that suppliers and service providers maintain safe and healthy working conditions

    • Environmentally Responsible: We ensure that suppliers and service providers follow environmental best practices

    • Voluntary: We ensure no forced labor, compulsory labor, prison labor, or child labor is used

    • Local: We prioritize local suppliers and service providers

    • Small-Scale: We prioritize small-scale suppliers and service providers

    • Organic: We source from organic producers

    • Certification: We source from suppliers and service providers with third-party social or environmental certification

    • Mission Locked: We prioritize social enterprise and not-for-profit suppliers and service providers

  • Disadvantaged Supplier: We preferentially select suppliers and service providers from disadvantaged groups

    • Women

    • Minorities

    • Other marginalised groups

Fair Trade Relationships

  • Relationships: We maintain fair trade relationships with all suppliers and service providers

    • Long-Term: We maintain long-term relationships with suppliers and service providers

    • On-Time Payment: We ensure that suppliers and service providers are paid at the agreed time

    • Fair Price: We pay prices that cover all costs and support socially and environmentally responsible operations

    • Capacity Building: We offer training and capacity building to suppliers and service providers

  • Ethical Practice: We focus on innovation, creating value, and supporting other purpose-driven organizations. We do not engage in anti-competitive or unethical practices.

    • Copying: We do not copy competitors

    • Dumping: We do not sell products at a loss to force competitors out of the market

    • Price Fixing: We do not collude with competitors to fix prices

    • Libel: We do not spread false information about competitors

    • Exclusive Agreements: We do not restrict suppliers or customers from selling to or buying from others


  • Source: We know where all our ingredients, materials or products are sourced from

  • Promotion: We highlight our suppliers and service providers in our promotional materials




  • Good Citizen: We comply with all applicable laws and pay all required taxes

  • Social Benefit: Our products and services were specifically developed to contribute to society. We provide broader social benefits that go beyond the benefits to individual customers

    • Social inclusion

    • Public health

Local Economy

  • Local Economy: We focus on contributing to the local economy


  • Community: We engage with the local community

    • Volunteer: We help our workers or members volunteer and engage in community service

  • Networks: We participate in membership organizations and networks working for social or environmental change