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We’re pleased to be partnering with Transform Trade so that together we can work towards a world where everyone can enjoy the benefits of trade. Thrive Market is proving every day that business can be done differently, while Transform Trade works directly with the most marginalized producers and campaigns for a fairer trading system 

Our roots in the fairtrade world can be traced back to the early 80’s when Twin Trading (with the help of Traidcraft, Equal Exchange, and Oxfam) launched Cafedirect and later helped Chocolate farmers in Ghana to form Kuapa Kokoo co-operative (to form Divine Chocolate). As a wholesaler, we were the first UK Distributor to introduce these (and other fair trade brands) into UK Universities and Schools.  

in the hope that we can help make fairtrade and fairly traded products more accessible, we’ve worked tirelessly to cover as much of the value chain as possible;  


            BACKWARDS (wherever possible, as far back as the producer)


           FORWARDS (to the end consumer)  


As part of this initiative, we have relaunched to allow us to concentrate on supplying 'all things ethical' to the UK consumer. In our own small way, we hope to continue the great work that Traidcraft started and accordingly committed to Transform Trade as our charity of choice. 

On the checkout page, you can now top up your order with a donation to Transform Trade and support producers to build their businesses and advocate for their rights.