Environmental Policy


Here at Fairtrade Warehouse, we are committed to conducting our business in a manner that is environmentally responsible and sustainable. We recognize that our activities have an impact on the environment and we are dedicated to minimizing this impact through continuous improvement and innovation. 

Our commitment to the environment is based on the following principles: 


  • Reducing our Environmental Footprint: We are committed to minimizing our use of natural resources and energy, while consuming material goods in moderation. We will continually seek out and adopt practices that reduce our consumption of resources and minimize our environmental footprint. 


  • Waste Reduction and Recycling: We will reduce the creation of waste through the adoption of improved operating practices, and by recycling materials whenever practical. We will ensure that all waste and effluent is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. 


  • Development of Environmentally Responsible Products and Processes: We will invest in the development of new products and processes that have an improved performance regarding their impact on the environment. We will continuously seek to improve our manufacturing processes and products to minimize our environmental impact. 


  • Compliance with Environmental Legislation: We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and standards. We will ensure that our operations and products meet or exceed all relevant environmental requirements. 


  • Education and Engagement: We aim to foster among our staff, suppliers, customers, and communities an understanding of environmental issues in the context of our business. We will encourage all stakeholders to work together to minimize our environmental impact. 


  • Continual Improvement: We will continuously monitor and evaluate our environmental performance and seek opportunities for improvement. We will set measurable objectives and targets for our environmental performance and report on our progress. 


Our commitment to the environment is an integral part of our business strategy and operations. We will allocate the necessary resources and implement appropriate processes to ensure that our environmental policy is effectively implemented and maintained. 

All stakeholders in our company, including employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities local to our operations, share in the responsibility of minimizing the environmental impact of our activities. We encourage everyone to take an active role in implementing our environmental policy and in working towards a sustainable future. 

This environmental policy statement represents our commitment to the environment and will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.